Open Enrollment First 3 Weeks of March


Warning! It might be best to wear a mask while dancing. Be careful.


Westminster, Orange County, California, USA
Classes:  Woman's Civic Club of Garden Grove, 9501 Chapman Ave., Garden Grove
Dances:  Mel's Dance Hall, 5946 Westminster Ave, Westminster (Westminster at Springdale)
Caller: Steve Woodard
Square dancing and lessons all year long

We host a regular monthly square dance on the 3rd Saturday evenings in Westminster. We offer lessons in learning how to dance every Monday evening in Garden Grove along with line dancing lessons taught prior to square dancing.

Our club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers; therefore the cost of learning to square dance is quite small (the callers are hired).

Why we square dance.

Square dancing is not a normal dance activity like other dance formats that are seen in the media.

We learn a number of figures that are used by the dance "Caller" who leads the activity. The result is a mental challenge because we don't know the order the caller is going to use. The caller will choose music that fits the type of style he needs.

Each caller uses his/her own choice of music (country, contemporary, etc.); and each caller offers their own style of entertainment.

This makes the square dance FUN; makes it entertaining and exercises the brain.

And the physical exercise is real; you are going to get tired and this is good for health.
A typical evening square dance (3 hours) has been shown to offer exercise equal to 3-5 miles of walking.
It is a lot more fun that going to a gym or using a treadmill.
And if the new square dancer has 2 left feet, that is not a problem.
We do not have to memorize the whole square dance; only each figure as the caller desires.
That is what is different about square dancing; all we have to do is walk (and listen).
Learning To Square Dance:
These square dance lessons are being offered the first 3 Monday evenings in March every year; after that, the square dance lessons are closed to new people.
Singles are welcome; partners are available.
It takes about 3-4 months to learn all the figures needed when attending regular club square dances.
Graduation is about three times a year. The workshop is offered after graduation.
The Square Dance lessons startup three or four times a year.  Steve Woodard is our caller.   Call 949-254-3602 to get the exact dates of the Lessons.
To satisfy your curiosity you may call us at:
949-254-3602 or check out
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President: Rivonne Alsted - 949-254-3602
We will be happy to answer your questions.